1935 Philco Model 16B
Chassis Code 125
When serious radio collectors get together and talk about how large tombstone-style radios must have peaked in the mid to late thirties, the Philco 16B always gets mentioned.  This is one of the largest and most awesome models ever made.  It has an eleven-tube chassis and a ten inch speaker  This is essentially a console in a tabletop cabinet.
If you think you've heard shortwave, wait until you've heard this baby!  This model boasts a tuning range of 550 KC to 22.5 MC and has a 10 watt output!  Through the use of the beautifully functioning shadow meter, precise tuning is made simple.  Of course this helps when listening to the broadcast portion also.
This example has recieved a full electrical restoration which included the replacement of all fixed-value capacitors and resistors.  This was no easy  task on such a complex set.  Through very precise allignment, this radio performs almost beyond belief.
The cabinet has received all the correct back lacquer with gold accents and hand-rubbed clear lacquer topcoat finish.  This is a deco style that's both beautiful and stylish for the era.
If you've ever wanted one of the best shortwave receivers ever made (it gets AM, too), this one's for you.

PRICE:  $1095.00

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