MODEL 5-S-29 Y
Circa 1936
Super rare
art deco
ebony version of the
"Magnavision dial"
5-tube tombstone.
  This is a very rare version of a fairly common tombstone from Zenith's 1936 model year line-up. This is the black painted cabinet version that was offered brand new for 1936 and cost $5.00 more than the $39.95 suggested retail of the walnut version. The "Y" suffix was Zenith's way of designating the ebony finish.
  It has a beautiful contrast of ebony lacquer and chromium trim. The cabinet has a freshly restored finish in black lacquer and is very difficult to photograph because of the extreme reflection. The escutchion of chrome and the knobs with the silver painted inserts are just stunning. The NOS reproduction silver deco grille cloth compliments the overall beauty of the deco theme. Also, the band functions identification letter decals were also installed in there proper locations.
  The "Magnavision" multi-colored dial was an improvement to help distinguish the different foreign shortwave bands and the domestic standard broadcast range. RED, WHITE, and GREEN make a beautiful dial when illuminated against the stark black and chrome front!!!! The all original dial and glass cover are as near perfect as any I have had to date.
  The chassis of this radio has been restored with a full replacement of capacitors and a complete alignment so it performs just like a Zenith should on all three bands. This radio does require an external antenna.
  When I first acquired this radio, it had some of its original black finish still on it, but barely enough to see that it was a painted radio originally. The chrome
escutchion had been painted black also.
It wasn't until I got this home and I started
to dismantle it that I realized it had been
painted black on the INSIDE of the cabinet,
also. Then, when I removed the escutchion,
I discovered that all I had to do was clean
off someone's black paint to reveal that
beautiful chrome! Then I realized, this must
have been one of those rare little finds.
  The knobs and grille cloth are reproduction
pieces but the rest of the radio is original
  This is a freshly restored piece that will be a great investment piece for the serious tabletop radio collector.

                             approx. dimensions  18"h X 13"w X 9"d




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