Model 6050
  Now here's something you just don't see very often. This is a beautiful Silvertone model 6050 radio that has a fantastic walnut cabinet and a great chrome plated metal grille trim piece that acts as a dial bezel, too. There is an original built-in loop antenna that allows you to pick up stations all across the AM band without any additional antenna.
  The beautiful all original walnut
cabinet has been carefully
refinished in lacquer with the
proper toners and black trim. There
is beautiful figured walnut even
on the top!!! The chrome metal trim
really sets this radio apart from the
pack! Although I do not know if the chrome plating is original, this is the second one of these I've owned in the last three years that is chrome plated. I've been told that most of these were painted metal from the factory. Whether this is original or not, it surely is a cool looking accent!!! The silver foil dial, red button dial pointer, and all original knobs add to the distinct look I have never really seen from any other type of radio. The beautiful period grille cloth is perfect, also! The original back panel is present on this example.
  The clean chassis has been recapped and aligned for proper performance. Although this set seems to be a bit prone to static, it still plays clearly all across the tuning range.
  It may not be everybody's "cup of tea", but I think this is a strong contender for the ART DECO archives!!!!
  Priced to fit every collectors budget, just imagine how great it'll look on your shelf!

approximate dimensions:
14.75" w X 8.5" h X 8" d
chassis #  132.825
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