model 120-A  Preamp
H. H. Scott's very first preamp
with original box!
  This is the model 120A equalizer / preamplifier made by H.H. Scott in the early 1950’s. It is H. H. Scott's first offering for a preamp. It was designed to be used with the model 220 laboratory amplifier.  There is also a provision for the use of their type 111 Dynaural Noise Suppressor and has a control on the front panel for such equipment.
  This particular example is in a near mint original condition. It was found in its original box in a closed radio / TV shop in 2005. The shipping box has the shop’s name in pencil on it, making me believe that this was owned since new by the shop and that I am the second owner. Original ship date of 3-13-53. WOW!
  The face plate is perfect with no scratches or damage. All lettering is perfect and complete as well as the original “chicken feet” knobs.  I removed the chassis from the wooden cabinet and removed the top and bottom covers so pictures could be taken of the internal electronic components. All related screws are the original type. It appears that there have been a couple capacitors replaced as they look like a slightly more modern type than the other wax / paper types. The two cables and plugs are the correct original types.
  The wooden case is immaculate with only a slightly aged look to the wonderful patina. The paper label on the bottom of the cabinet is 100% complete and intact as well as the four round felt pads at each corner. Once again, a very rare find!

Cabinet dimension:  10.25” w X 4.75”h X 6.75”d

Original box and packing in good condition!
Electronics in good condition and as found. A couple of the capacitors appear to be replacements.
All lettering on the faceplate is legible and perfect!