MAGNECORD  Model M 90 ACC
circa 1956

Professional Tape Recorder Console
This is an incredible piece of Hi-Fi history and is in  unbelievable condition. This professional console was acquired from the original owner's estate in 2005. It was used occasionally and fully maintained throughout its life. It has been in a climate controlled environment since new! It is in perfect working condition and sounds better than most modern equipment. This may be the most complete original near mint condition M 90ACC on the planet!

This "mono" recorder and playback unit was purchased in Dayton, Ohio at "SREPCO" on March 15, 1956. This unit sold for a whopping $895.00 !!!!  Paperwork includes the original invoice, supplemental schematics from Magnecord, and the original "Service-Instruction Manual".

The wooden console cabinet is finished in a gray metallic paint and is in very exceptional condition. There is some minor flaking of the original paint along seams in the cabinet structure. However, it would be a crime to refinish something this original and complete.

There's nothing that can
get the nostalgic juices
flowing any faster than
watching the meter display
your favorite musical
passages as they emanate
from a bygone era!


Simple controls for the transport deck make this a fun piece of equipment to own and operate.
Magnecord made the cabinet versatile so all components were easily accessed for maintenance and service. This picture shows the amplifier in the upper portion of the console and how easily it can be serviced.
When opening the transport deck for service, the upper false doors located on the lower front portion of the console, must be lowered and slid rearward under the deck ( upper left picture). The transport deck can then be hinged upward toward the front and full access is gained (upper right picture).
There is a substanial storage compartment in the lower portion of the console.
approximate dimensions: 
28" wide  X  28" deep  X  41" tall

approximate weight:
180 pounds
PRICE:    $4,000.00