Model 12-S-266
New for 1938
This is a freshly restored example of one of the nicer Zenith consoles from 1938. It is a twelve-tube "Robot Dial" model number 12-S-266.

The "Robot Dial" was touted as being "Almost Human" in Zenith's original advertising campaign. Their brochure went on to say;
"Now, all wave bands have separate full-sized dials---but there is only one clear, easy-to-read dial showing at one time, giving you
(1) Standard Broadcast, (2) Domestic and Foreign Shortwave, (3) Police and Amateur."

When one considers what had been available up to this point in radio dial design, this was a big step in simplifying reading a dial when using different bands.

This example has been fully restored electrically and cosmetically.

The big 12-tube chassis has been fully recapped and is fitted with all shoulder type glass tubes as when new. Most of them are even Zenith brand! The only slight discrepancy is the eye tube. It is the more commonly used eye type versus the original "target" type. The eye deflects properly when tuning stations all across the dial. The tremendous performance can be appreciated on all bands when an external antenna is attached.  This model also features a fully operational motorized tuning! There is also the wonderful bass tone that these big Zeniths are known for. It is enhanced by use of the original "Acoustic Adapter", also present on this model.

The cabinet has several hand-rubbed lacquer coats that give it a "better-than-new" appearance. The cabinet has all the original burled walnut that just makes this a real "stand-out"! Even the sides of the cabinet have a strong burled effect.

The knobs and grille cloth are exact reproductions of the original counterparts.

This console is sure to give many hours of listening pleasure and is a good investment. These Zeniths have held up to the test of time and are still great performers.

another restored radio by TUBULAR  BOB