Model 870 
Rust and corrosion on every surface!
Every component removed, cleaned, polished, or painted for the look of a brand new radio!
The dial, electrolytic can, and Goat type tube shields had already been removed prior to the before pictures.
The dial is original to the radio as well as the pointer and glass. Replacement dial lamp sockets were located as all three original units were broken.
This is the chassis just before prep and paint. Note the blue electrolytic capacitor peeking through the opening in the chassis. At this point, the radio had been electrically restored prior to the dismantling.
The following pictures are various shots of the finished chassis. Much attention was given to detail so the radio chassis would look as good as it performs.
The IF transformers had their shield (cans) removed and while the cans were being cleaned and resurfaced, the trimmer nut and washer were removed and cleaned. they are made of solid brass!
Another successful restoration by TUBULAR BOB