Zenith    Model 5-R-226  "Child's Console"
Circa:  1938

Here's another rare little beauty from Zenith.  This set was marketed as being "just like Dad's-- a fine radio made especially for children."
This example has been restored to perfection and plays loudly and clearly just as can be expected from a Zenith.
It receives Standard Broadcast (AM) only and requires an external antenna.  It received a complete electrical restoration including all capacitors replaced and the set was aligned to original specs.  The cabinet received an accurate lacquer refinish.  I believe it looks just like it did when it was new. 
An EXACT reproduction of the "leaf" pattern grille cloth has been installed, also.  This is a fairly rare set and has been one of the faster appreciating models of the era. Stein values this radio at $900.00+

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