Jackson Bell
Model 62
Here is one of those great cathedrals from Jackson Bell.  They were a large west coast (Los Angeles) radio manufacturer that started business in 1926 and were out of business by 1935.  They made several very collectible radios and this is one of the more rare examples.  This set is what has come to be known as the "Peacock" and was made in 1930.  Sometimes collectors misrepresent this as the "Swan," which is very collectible ,also, although it seems to be more frequently seen.  I also have a "Swan" version of this radio for sale on this website, so be sure to check out the subtle differences in the two sets.
This set received a very labor intensive restoration and has had many little details restored to authenticity.
The chassis received a full electrical restoration and it receives stations on the Standard Broadcast (AM) frequencies only.  It is a six-tube TRF type and requires an external antenna for modest reception.  The original "Lansing" electrodynamic speaker is present.  The power cord has been replaced with an authentic reproduction cloth covered type.
The cabinet has had an extensive refinish that includes all the correct toners as well as the black lacquer treatment to the Peacock cut-out.  The front scalloped bird's eye maple applique' has had the airbrushed toner detail applied just like it did when it left the factory over 70 years ago!  Once all the details were applied, a final liberal topcoat of clear lacquer was sprayed on and then hand rubbed to a wonderful luster.  This set, along with the "Swan" on this site, has one of the most authentic refinish jobs I have ever seen on this type of set.  Usually, the airbrush details are lost and never duplicated.  Like I said, many hours were spent making this set correct.
If you love pretty sets in your collection and have a flair for the unusual, this Peacock should satisfy you for many years to come.  This beauty is available at a modest investment and sure  to appreciate in the future.

Dimensions: 15 1/4" High, 12 1/2" Wide@base,
8 3/4" deep
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