Jackson Bell
Model 62
This is one of those beautiful cathedrals that came from the Los Angeles-based company Jackson Bell in 1930.  It has become an extremely collectible set because of its graceful lines and unique grille cut-outs.  You've just got to love the feelings that are evoked from the graceful silhouette of the swan against the fresh golden-bronze speaker grille cloth.
This set set has been through an extensive restoration with every attention to originality given in even the smallest of details.
Electrically, it has had all fixed-value capacitors replaced with modern types.  The chassis has been cleaned and adjusted and has modest reception with the use of an external antenna.  It is a six-tube TRF type and seems to be somewhat sensitive to atmospheric conditions for reception.  Reception is decent on clear days but is somewhat restricted to local stations on overcast or cloudy days.  The original "Lansing" electrodynamic speaker is present.  The power cord has been replaced with an accurate cloth covered reproduction type.  It receives standard broadcast (AM) only.
As for the beautiful cabinet, many hours were spent on duplicating the original finish.  Usually when you see one of these refinished, all the original shading has been lost.  However, on this example, every effort has been made including the airbrushing of the toner along the scalloped lower edge of the front birds eye maple applique'.  Also, the sides and top have had the proper toner along both edges leaving a beautiful center "stripe" of the veneer exposed.  Once all the proper toning was completed, along with the black lacquer used on the grille cut-out, a very liberal amount of clear lacquer topcoat was applied.  This then received a wonderful hand-rubbed finish that will last for many years and provide pride in ownership knowing it was so faithfully reproduced. 
This set should be enjoyed for its beauty and elegance.  It can be added to your collection for a modest investment that will be sure to grow in the coming years.

Dimensions:  15 1/4" high, 12 1/2" wide@base, 8 3/4" deep (including knobs) 
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